3D Wood Wall Panels

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TAKARAWOOD is a company specializing in 3D wood wall panels and decorative wood siding. Do you want to decorate your interior, dress your wall and give a design and modern side to your bedroom, living room or bathroom? We have everything you need, let yourself be seduced by our wall panels based on various wood species: pine, fir, spruce, oak, alder, work. No more flat walls for your interior decoration choose innovative, design and ecological wall coverings: give Life to Your Walls!

What are 3D wood wall panels ?

3D Wood wall panels are an innovative product for wall decoration. Then, each panel is unique handmade of various tree species, different length, width and thickness of details, which are combined on the base in a beautiful article. Also is available models without base.
For base of our panels is used OSB Superfinish ECO, which one is developed and manufactured entirely in compliance with the current demand of ecological living focused on organic materials.
Surface of panels are a beautiful mix of shades. Just a few square meters of wall covering panels bring your room interior in a memorable accent, and will create the warmth and cosines.

Why 3D wood wall panels ?

Dressing a wall with 3D panels allows you to create a warm and natural atmosphere in your interiors. These products have all the properties to seduce you and impose your interiors. You already know wood as a floor covering with parquet or even simple wood paneling.
Today such panels can decorate your horizontal and vertical walls (walls, ceilings, partitions) and are now very trendy.

Our offer of 3D wood wall panels

In order to create a unique wall covering, we offer a wide range of wall panels. Thus you will find for your interiors several wood siding boards with many wood species as well as a wide variety of colors and finishing.
Install such panels to create a cozy and warm interior. They are the preferred materials to give style to your interior and create all types of atmospheres.
Do not hesitate, discover our 3D products and create a natural, exotic, contemporary or even Scandinavian interior.
Our wall coverings adapt to any room in your home or establishment. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, you will find a wide range of products adapted to your needs and desires.

Most of our 3D wood panels can be charred. The result is unique and gorgeous.

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