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From the bedroom to the terrace, via the bathroom and the living room, wood appears everywhere in the decoration. Wooden pallets recycled into trendy furniture, Scandinavian style furniture in raw wood, wooden beams repainted in white, driftwood decor … From walls to ceiling to furniture, wood decoration panels is allways a “must-have” choice.
In addition, we offer sophisticated products that are particularly suitable for hotels, places of reception and offices.

Wood is a material that is difficult to do without in decoration.

At TAKARAWOOD we cannot imagine an interior without the warm note of wood fiber. If you want a warm interior decoration, wood will be your ally. Noble and authentic material, the nuances of its essences provide a real touch of elegance to your interior decoration.

We find that there is something magical in the wood.

In decoration, wood is considered a neutral material. It goes well with all hot and cold colors. It is suitable for all styles. If you have an interior with no real personality, rather contemporary, a wall covered with wood panels can be a solution to give it character and warmth.
Wood will bring its natural and particularly soft note to any room in the house. And in addition to its aesthetic advantages, it is also a very good thermal insulator. So why not combine the two qualities of this natural material.

Our offer of wood decoration panels

In this spirit we offer a wide range of wooden panels for decoration: charred wood panels, 3D wall panels, hand hewn wood boards, reclaimed wood boards.
Most of our wood panels can be personalized using original finishes : charring, metal finishing, brushing, coloring.
Our wood panels for decoration can be suitable for decorating walls, floors, parquet floors, furniture, even roofs.

Quality and reliability have top priority for us

All our products are produced manually and are rigorously controlled. At TAKARAWOOD we pay the utmost attention to quality during the manufacturing and packaging of our panels.

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